Corporate Sponsorship Information

At Q Sports our primary goal is to connect our athletes with appropriate companies/organizations who will help them defray some of the costs associated with competing at the world class level.  Once a relationship has been established we then attempt to maximize the athletes' media/public exposure in order to promote their sponsor. 

Listed below are some FAQ's (frequently asked questions) about sponsorship.

  1. Aren't the athletes supported by the US Olympic Committee or a sport federation of some sort?

  2. Yes, some of them do receive some funding from the USOC and/or their sports governing body.  For example, with our speedskaters, the USOC and US Speedskating provide a tremendous amount of support for these and many other athletes. The skaters receive benefits such as ice time, coaching, stipends, guidance, support, equipment, travel and a world-wide competition schedule - all of which they are very grateful to have. Without U.S. Speedskating most skaters could not compete on an international world class level. Unfortunately, the fact is, it simply isn't enough. Most skaters are forced to squeeze in full or part time work to make ends meet. US Speedskating (and virtually all sports governing bodies) allows, and encourages, skaters to seek individual sponsors. However, between full time training, school and work most skaters have little time, or aptitude to do so. That's where Q Sports comes in. We seek out sponsors for our athletes to help augment the support they receive from their sports governing body (if any). Our goal,  is to provide the athletes with as much support as possible so that they may concentrate on fulfilling their athletic potential.
  3. What sort of things have the athletes already done to promote sponsors?



    Q Sport Athletes...

    1. What can the athletes offer to my company in return for our support?



       First and foremost, our athletes immediately provide your company, product or service an association with the Olympic Games and the endorsement of an Olympic athlete (except our skysurfers).

      "The Olympic Rings are the most recognized symbol - commercial or noncommercial - in the world."
      -Sponsorship Research Intern'l
      London, July 18, 1996

      In addition to their endorsement of your products, the athletes can also provide the following:

    1. How is an agreement with the athlete typically structured?



           Sponsorship agreements typically contain three sections: general terms, sponsor needs and athlete compensation.

    1. What companies has Q Sports worked with before and what kind of deals were set up?



      We're not at liberty to discuss the details of specific contracts, nor would we discuss the details of your arrangement with anyone else. However, here are some of the companies we have structured sponsorship arrangements with:

    3. Academy of Country Music Awards
    4. American Chiropractic Association
    5. American Latino Media Arts Awards
    6. America Online
    7. Bank of America
    8. Big Bear Mountain Premium Spring Water
    9. Bio Foods - Balance Bar
    10. California Angels
    11. Casio
    12. Center for Disease Control - Anti Smoking
    13. Clif Bar
    14. Danskin
    15. Diamond Nuts
    16. Disney
    17. Dow Chemicals
    18. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    19. Fiesta Broadway - LA
    20. Fig Newtons
    21. Florida Marlins
    22. Gap
    23. General Mills
    24. Health South
    25. Hilton Hotels
    26. Home Depot
    27. Kraft/Nabisco
    28. K2 Corporation
    29. Lucent
    30. Major League Soccer
    31. McDonald's 
    32. Miami Heat
    33. National Arthritis Foundation
    34. NBC
    35. New York Stock Exchange
    36. New York Yankees
    37. Nike
    38. Novell Inc.
    39. Oakley
    40. O.C. Tanner
    41. Office Depot
    42. Orlando Magic
    43. Pearl Izumi
    44. Pfizer
    45. Power Bar
    46. San Francisco Giants
    47. Seattle Mariners
    48. Special Olympics
    49. TVM
    50. University of California - San Bernardino
    51. University of North Carolina - Greensboro
    52. US Congressman Joe Baca
    53. USANA
    54. Visa
    55. Wisconsin Gas Company
    56. Yahoo
    1. OK, I'm interested. Where do we go from here?



       Great, and thanks for your interest. Give us a call or send an email. Let us know which athlete or athletes you're interested in and how you might like to utilize them. Once we've had a chance to discuss it Q Sports will draft a proposal for your review.

    3. What do you address in the proposal?



      Generally our proposals address three broad categories of sponsorship objectives for businesses considering our athletes:

      Research suggests that "Exclusivity", "Increase Brand Awareness", "Reinforce Image", "Cost Effectiveness" and "Increase Sales" are the primary objectives of corporations engaging in sponsorship.* We directly address each of these issues.
      *Wilson (1997) The Cyber-Journal of Sport Marketing, issn:1327-6816

    5. It sounds interesting, but I have more questions.



       Give us a call or send an email. We look forward to hearing from you.


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