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Patrick Quinn - Q Sports Marketing, President

I unknowingly started Q Sports back in 1993 while living in New York City.   At that time I was working in sales and marketing for a chain of health clubs (The NY Health and Racquet Club) and in my spare time competing as a professional inline speedskater - a Rollerblade racer.   When it came time to look for sponsors for our team, because of my sales background, that responsibility fell to me.   I initially tried to enlist the help of some of the same big sport marketing companies that my company now competes with on a daily basis.   I soon found out that they weren't all that interested in speedskating...so I decided to do it myself.  Looking back now, well, I wish I knew then what I know now,  but eventually, after many, many phone calls and proposals, I found sponsors, and the K2/Blades Speed Team was born.

Thereafter I moved west and into the world of ice speedskating. When I first arrived and began training with these world class and Olympic athletes I was surprised to find that most of them were without any representation, had few if any sponsors, and were struggling to make ends meet between training full time, school and/or work.  These athletes were the absolute cream of the crop; Olympians, World Champions and record holders of all sorts etc., yet after training 6+ hours a day they were working nights just to pay the rent.  They had impeccable athletic credentials and were generating good TV and media exposure, but in America's sport marketing world full of baseball, basketball and football millionaires, they were lost in the shuffle.  I knew there were sponsors out there for these athletes and so I officially formed Q Sports Marketing.

The successful medal haul of our athletes at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City made the phones ring enough that our client base grew to include champion athletes far beyond the world of speedskating.  In Salt Lake Q Sports clients won eleven medals...more than most countries entire team!


Q Sports represents a collection of Olympic champion athletes who've not only captured Olympic medals, but also countless World Cup medals and, National and North American and World Championship titles.  We've also gotten into X-treme sports and proudly work with the top skysurfing teams in the world.  In addition, we have access to literally hundreds of other athletes from all different sports through relationships we've been developing for years. 

On the corporate side of the equation, we've now worked with literally hundreds of companies leveraging their own investments in the sports world through relationships with athletes, sometimes Q Sports clients, sometimes others who better fit a corporation's needs.  With over ten years of experience now behind us, we've delved into all different types of sports marketing projects.  We look forward to many more.


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