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     The Athlete Services area of the Q Sports website was designed to act as a resource for athletes looking for information about products and services to help market themselves and/or improve their performance. Some of the products and services listed within are provided directly by Q Sports, while others are links to companies with whom the athletes of Q Sports have worked directly. We are always looking to expand this area so send us an email with any suggestions.
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Marketing Materials

Q Sports can design and create any of the following for you or your company: sample resume sample brochuresample brochure

FAQ's about Sponsorship

  1. Will Q Sports represent me and help me find sponsors?
  2. We are always looking to grow our business so give us a call and and let's discuss your expectations for representation and how Q Sports might be able to address those needs.  Brian Rogers and Stefan Klaus, the Q Sports Skysurfers, found us online a few years ago.  With the help of Q Sports they went on to  win X-Games gold and silver.

    In the meantime we now offer a collection of services designed to help you, the athlete, help yourself find sponsors.  Follow the link below for some FAQ's about becoming a Q Sports Athlete.


  3. Are there other companies out there that will represent me?
  4. Unfortunately, there aren't any that we know of (and we search the web pretty often). That's why we created Q Sports, to help these elite athletes who happen to be in lower profile sports. For the most part, large commercial sport marketing companies spend most of their time in big time sports: basketball, football, baseball, tennis, golf etc. If you're not a big name athlete in a big time sport, then it's very difficult to get a big sport marketing company to take you on. Worse yet, even if they do take you on you may not get the attention that you were hoping for.

  5. If I decide to go looking for sponsors myself, where do I begin?
  6. The first step is to put yourself down on paper. Create a brief, but visually exciting, resume that tells a bit about yourself and your athletic credentials. The better an athlete you are, and the bigger you are in your sport, the more professional your materials should be. That's not to say that you need to dump hundreds of dollars into a multimedia video presentation but keep in mind that your materials say something about you. If you're seriously expecting to find some good financial support, you won't get it if your marketing materials are done in crayon (although you may get some points for creativity). Q Sports can help you make promotional materials or you can do it yourself on a home computer. Keep it brief and try to structure it so as to highlight what's special about you when compared to other athletes in your sport.

  7. Then what?
  8.  Pick your target companies. Don't just go after Nike, Microsoft and the US Mint because they have a lot of money. The more specifically you pick your target companies the more likely you'll find a sponsor. Look for companies to whom you can offer something unique.

  9. Why should any company sponsor me instead of all of the other athletes out there that are seeking sponsors?
  10.  If you can answer this question then you've found a great target company. If you can't think of why they should sponsor you, the company sure won't be able to.

  11. I've got a resume, and a few target what?
  12.  Call. Pick up the phone and ask the receptionist..." who normally handles athletic sponsorships?" Don't just mail off your resume to 100 different companies. That won't do anything but waste some postage and line the bottom of 100 trash cans. Wait until you speak to someone, they'll ask you to send info, then mail it directly to them. Spell their name corectlie.

  13. Then what?
  14.  Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Don't expect your phone to ring. It won't. Corporate marketing directors are super busy people. They don't even call us back! Periodically call back and politely check in. It's nice to open your call with..."If I'm interrupting you I could call back at a more convenient time."

  15. Anything else?
  16.  Yes, lots. But that's all for now. Keep in mind that Colonel Sanders went to hundreds (literally) of people before one said yes to what eventually became Kentucky Fried! The hardest part about sponsor seeking is getting comfortable with the word NO. You'll hear it a lot. But, with all sincerity we tell you that there are "yeses" out there. So each time you hear a no, try to keep in mind that you're one step closer to finding a yes.

    (got other questions? send us an email to add to this section)

    Training Programs

    It may be a cliché, but the fact is, to be a champion to you have to train like one. If you're looking for a comprehensive scientifically based training program SportsAdvantage Training Systems is the place to go.  Sport physiologist Rob Sleamaker will design a personal training program patterned according to your schedule needs and shaped to bring your fitness and competition readiness to peak form. Follow the hot link above for more information about SportsAdvantage or check your local bookstore for Rob's book, "Serious Training for Serious Athletes".

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